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Pop a microSD card (not included) in your isostick, stop burning CDs, and start saving time.
When you plug in your isostick, two drives will appear: an optical drive and a flash drive. The flash drive gives direct access to the microSD card.
Keep all your iso9660 (.iso) images and other files on the flash drive, and you can "insert" the images into the optical drive any time you want, as if they were real discs. The computer thinks a real CD/DVD drive is attached--you can even boot from it!
Performance: Read speed up to 12.5MiB/s depending on the microSD card used. That's 81x in CD speeds, or 9.46x in DVD speeds! Also, because there's no seek time, they're even faster than a real disc would be at those speeds.
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Stop carrying around CD cases full of utilities and OS installers; put an isostick on your keychain!