AKL-PT2 6 GHz Passive Solder-In Probe

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The AKL-PT2 is a low-cost, solder-in passive oscilloscope probe with 10:1 attenuation and over 6 GHz of bandwidth, designed for probing of high speed serial data, DDR memory, and other extremely broadband, low-impedance signals. It is suitable for protocol decoding of signals up to 12 Gbps and signal integrity measurements of signals up to 2.5 Gbps.

The 500Ω resistive input stage provides excellent flatness with much lower input loading than conventional passive probe designs, with typical S11 (across a 50Ω line) better than -23 dB at 3 GHz. Since there are no active components in the probe, it is far less sensitive to ESD and transient overloading than an active probe.

DC coupling allows the AKL-PT2 to be used to probe signals such as DDR RAM which are not DC balanced. (When probing signals such as HDMI which are sensitive to DC loading, an industry-standard SMA inner DC block can be easily added.)

The low cost of the AKL-PT2 allows many probes to be attached to different test points on the DUT at once, and attached to oscilloscope channels as needed using standard 50Ω coaxial cables with SMA terminations.


The AKL-PT2 is available in three versions:

  • Student discount: Probe tested for soldering defects only. Compliance to full datasheet specifications not guaranteed. For students, hobbyists, and noncommercial users only.
  • Standard: Probe plus pack of double-sided mounting tape. Individually tested to ensure full datasheet performance.
  • Pro: For advanced users making high-performance measurements. Same as standard, plus full characterization report including test data for your probe. Includes a serialized Touchstone .s2p S-parameter file allowing response of each individual probe to be de-embedded for the highest measurement fidelity.